Hi everybody!

I'm Will. My favorite pastime is learning all the languages of the world and trying to teach them to others. I also sometimes do research and write code. Since September 2018 I've been using natural language processing to improve the coverage and quality of Duolingo's 90+ language courses.

Before coming to Duolingo, I did my Ph.D. and undergraduate studies at Stanford University. My Ph.D. research focused mainly on computational pragmatics and natural language grounding with variants of the Rational Speech Act model, advised by Christopher Potts. I've also published papers with Noah Goodman, Dan Jurafsky, and Christopher Manning. My undergraduate honors thesis, advised by Ryan Williams and Virginia Williams, was on matrix multiplication algorithms.

I spent two summers working with language revitalization programs for the Alutiiq and Unangam Tunuu languages in Kodiak and Anchorage, Alaska, using the Where are Your Keys? immersive language learning game.

Some things I got into in college that I still enjoy today include music, dance, martial arts, and simply learning languages for fun (easiest way to put a smile on my face: start talking to me in Arabic, Mandarin, or Alutiiq).

This page includes my research, teaching materials, some past coursework, and a few other side projects. It occasionally gets out of date, so please email me before using details from this site in other places.