Hi everybody!

I'm Will. My favorite pastime is learning all the languages of the world and trying to teach them to others. I also sometimes do research and write code.

Starting September 2018 I'll be joining Duolingo as a research scientist. Previously I did my Ph.D. and undergraduate studies at Stanford. My research is in natural language processing, including (without limitation) computational pragmatics, natural language grounding, semantic parsing, and multilingual applications (especially in Arabic and Chinese).

My Ph.D. advisor was Christopher Potts. I've also done research with Noah Goodman, Dan Jurafsky, and Christopher Manning. My undergraduate honors thesis, advised by Ryan Williams and Virginia Williams, was on matrix multiplication algorithms.

You may also know me as a teacher from Splash!, CS 106, or CS 109—you'll find materials and a bit more info on those pages. It's also possible you know me from Stanford Kenpo Karate, the Stanford Band (CPG ftw), or the Stanford Languages Club (easiest way to put a smile on my face: start talking to me in Arabic, Mandarin, or Alutiiq); internships at Palantir or Google; or social dance events.

See the links below for my research, teaching materials, and some past coursework.